How Can Small Businesses Be Run Online?

A small business is a company that operates with limited capital and personnel. Typically, the owner does not need to answer to investors or boards of directors and must work at running the company every day.

A small business typically relies on word-of-mouth advertising but sometimes uses paid advertising. They are typically more innovative because they have less internal bureaucracy. As a result, small businesses tend to provide more jobs, especially for low-skilled people.

Submission of Orders

To start selling a product or service, the owner must first create a web page for the product or service. All this information is stored in the head section known as the “header.” The owner can start promoting the product by creating a page for a product or service and filling it with quality content. Then, people can browse to the complete address of a business and place an order.

Paying by Credit Card

  • To start selling goods or services on the Internet, you need to have an account with an online payment gateway.
  • You will have to provide the customer with an Internet address, a unique account number and a password to pay for your merchandise or service.
  • Once you get paid, you can use these funds to buy things for your business.


An email address is one of the first things people look for when they land on a website. Your email should be friendly and attractive, but most importantly, short. You can use the email address to send promotional offers to your customers. You can also include a coupon code or sell products that are limited in quantity. It is achieved by having a unique email address on your business website.


  • Many small business owners get to be in the business directories.
  • The directories are online lists with the names of businesses and their contact details, websites, and social media presence integrated to help the business owner get found by people searching for businesses online.
  • Many small businesses have become successful because they have been listed in these directories.

Social Media

Social media like Facebook and Twitter are the most popular platforms for small businesses to promote themselves. There are many business websites on Facebook and Twitter where you can share pictures of your products, offer free samples, and post links to your blog or website.

Also, social media platforms allow you to assign pages describing your business offerings to blog posts or articles written about your company on other websites such as LinkedIn and Google+. Again, this is an excellent way for small businesses to reach out to people who may not have known about their existence.


The above details give several practical ways small businesses can be run online. However, you have to do a lot of research and analysis on the Internet before you start your search for free or cheap web hosting services. Once you have found the best web hosting service for your business, it won’t take long for you to be running a successful small business online.

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