Why do People Use Cryptocurrency For Making Payments At Online casinos?

Cryptocurrency is widely accepted these days; almost every industry accepts payment in this method, and the gambling world has no exception to it. However, all casinos still do not accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but still, a wider variety of casinos, such as 168BET, accept payments in Bitcoin.

Everyone should use this payment method because it offers them great benefits such as security, decentralization and additional rewards. In addition, also eliminates the risk of getting cash stolen or lost.


Decentralization is the main reason for using Cryptocurrency for making payments at online casinos. When you make a payment using fiat money (currency issued by the government), your funds are issued by higher authorities such as banks or the government.

While on the other hand, Cryptocurrency is a fully decentralized digital currency, which means the transactions are peer-to-peer, eliminating the need for a third party. No one can block or freeze your account because any central authority does not control it. This ultimately means that you can make any transaction without having any questions.

No Geographical Restrictions

Gambling is not legal everywhere; in many countries, it is banned and considered illegal activity. Therefore if you belong to any of those countries, you can simply play your favourite casino games by making payments in Cryptocurrency. As we all know that transactions of Cryptocurrency are only limited to the sender and receiver, making it impossible to track.

More Secure and Safe

These days, due to the increase in scam cases, people are afraid to make payments using sites they are unfamiliar with. This is because when you make an account on any gambling site, they have to share the details of your debit and credit card, which is a bit risky. However, everyone knows that cryptocurrencies work on the technology of blockchain that will keep your identity anonymous.

Your currency will be secure if you store them correctly. There is no chance of getting currency hacked until you protect private keys with a strong password and keep them in cold wallets. In addition, even if a gambling site gets hacked, your Cryptocurrency will be safe and secure.

Faster Payments

Bitcoin transactions are faster than banks and other payment methods except for cash. For example, you will hardly find a casino where bitcoin transactions tens a full day to confirm. Generally, these transactions get confirmed within 10 minutes, whereas banks take upto five business days. In addition, it is very cheaper than all other methods, as no middleman is included in the transaction.

Additional Bonuses and Rewards

If you are new to gambling, you may find many bitcoin casinos providing additional bonuses and rewards for making payments through cryptocurrencies. These are the promotional bonuses that casinos offer to promote a particular payment method.


There is nothing to worry about if you don’t have an account on any gambling sites; you can simply open an account on Bitcoin casinos such as 168BET in a few simple steps. In addition, cryptocurrencies will help you save your personal and financial data from hackers.

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